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Monday, July 4, 2011

Project 10 Pan

Ok so I was looking through my makeup collection today trying to decide what look that I wanted to wear and I decided that I have entirely too much makeup that I just don't wear and that is such a waste!!!

So I decided to embark on my own little Project 10 Pan. I believe that Project 10 Pan was devised by Laura over at lollipop26 who can now be found at buy now, blog later. Basically as at today I am on a makeup buying ban until I have completely used up 10 products in my current collection.

I am hoping to have this finished by at least mid September because I really want to fly on down and attend IMATS in Sydney...and lets face it it's going to be no fun if I can't buy anything!!!

After taking stock of everything I have worked out that I have a lipgloss in my car that has maybe 10 more applications and a few other creams, lip-glosses and mascaras that should hopefully help me get over the line by September.

I am so excited by this little project...hopefully it's going to make me explore my current collection a little further and fhelp me rediscover products that I had forgotten I had!!!


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