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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Never Ending Quest for Luscious Lashes

Hands up who wants long luscious lashes *thrusts arm into air and waves it emphatically*.

I've never had particularly long lashes but I have always wanted know those ones that frame your eyes perfectly and give you that come hither comes L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum.

The L'Oreal website claims that the product is an intensive treatment designed to boost the lashes, providing complete lash coverage from tip to root. The serum also works to reduce lash loss during make-up removal and extend the length of time lashes grow before they fall out, leading to longer lashes.

The instructions say that you need to apply the serum to your upper and lower lashes every morning and night for 4 weeks. I tried this for the first few days but had a really problem getting it to work with my mascara. I find that the serum tends to clump my lashes together and when I coat mascara over the top it just worsens the clumping and makes it more noticeable. I have stopped applying it to my lashes in the morning and just coat them at night. I am not sure if this will have an effect to the overall outcome or whether because I am only applying it once a day whether it will take me twice as long to see result...I will have to wait and see.

The serum comes in a normal looking mascara tube however when you pull out the wand you are met with a smooth curved applicator instead of a mascara wand. I found this a little harder to work with when I was trying to apply the product. Instead of trying to swipe it on my lashes I rub the wand back and forth to coat them all.

I have been using this for about a week now and I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference. It is only a small difference, and that is more than I expected to see, but it is still a difference. My lashes a slightly longer and don't fall out as much when I am removing my mascara at night. I have also noticed that when I am not wearing mascara my lashes seem to look a little glossier. All in all I think that this product will deliver what it promises on some level. I don't think I will have lashes so full that my falsies will become obsolete but hopefully they will be long enough so that they bend in nicely when I have falsies on.


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