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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beauty Rant: Australis Concealer

Ok so I am going to share a secret with you all. Something that I am deeply ashamed of...

Hi my name is Belle and I have fine lines and dark circles under my eyes.

Yes I know it's terrible!!! I am only 24 and I have the eyes of an eighty year old!

Ok confessions aside the really subject of my post. I am always on the lookout for a good concealer to use on the dark circle under my eyes but I have to make sure that any concealer that I buy to use under there won't settle into the fine lines I have developed and make me look like a 4 year old who has broken into her mothers beauty case. It's a fine line my friends...a very fine line!!!

A few months ago I decided to try the stick concealer by Australis.

I was so disappointed with this product that it has been relegated to that shoebox at the back of my closet where all the terribly bad beauty products go to die.

I don't think that I have hated a product more in all the time that I have been applying makeup. I tried all of the different ways I could think of applying it and nothing seemed to work. Swiping it under my eyes produced a reverse panda affect and the concealer immediately found a home and settled into the fine line under my eyes meaning that they stood out more than usual. I tried patting it which failed as it looked like I hadn't applied anything and applying more in the same fashion produced the same effect as swiping it on. I tried buffing with a brush, using primer underneath, setting with powder. Absolutely everything I could think off. Nothing worked!!!

It's heavy, thick, sticky and almost has a clotting type finish when I apply it but with a powdery feel to it. The product is so terrible that even my description sucks.

I think that Australis really missed the mark on this product which is disappointing because one of my all time favourite blushes is made by this brand. All in all I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone not even someone with all of the makeup experience in the world because I doubt even they would be able to get it to work.

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