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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Package!!!

The lovely ladies at Sigma sent me this in the mail and it arrived today. I have the full sized version of this brush and have used my experiences with that as the basis of my review.

I was so excited to be given the chance to do my first review for a company...and I am super happy that it is Sigma. I have brought brushes from this company and will never buy them from elsewhere again. The quality is amazing and the price is even better!!!

The brush that they sent me was the E25 Travel Blending Brush. The brush is described on the Sigma website as being an Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colours, and blend harsh lines.

The travel size is perfect to pop into the makeup bag that I carry around in my handbag everyday and it great for those mid-day eyeshadow touch-ups. The bristles are super soft and in my opinion even softer than it's MAC counterpart the 217. Another plus is that it is unbelievably easy to clean I used mine to apply brown and black shadows and didn't washed it for a couple of weeks. When I finally did clean it, a little bit of antibacterial soap mixed with olive oil and it was back to looking as white as it was the day that I first got it.

This brush is good for blending out the harsh lines that applying dark shadow can create. Another use that I found for it and actually prefer is using it to apply concealer under my eyes. All I do is use it to pat concealer over my dark circles, then still using the E25 gently buff the concealer into the skin, set it with powder and it doesn't crease or budge for the whole workday.

The only thing that I don't like about this brush is that with my full sized one after a few washes and dries the bristles have splayed out a little bit and the shape has sort of gone a little bit, but this is a small price to pay especially when the brush is only $9.00!!!

All in all I really like this brush, the full size is more practical for my everyday makeup kit but this small version is just so darn cute. Another plus being that with everything purchase over $30.00 Sigma sneak this little beauty into you package as a surprise gift.

If you would like to grab some Sigma bushes of your own please check out Sigma Beauty at

***Sigma sent this product to me for free for the purpose of review only. I have not been paid for this review and all comments and opinions are my own***

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